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In India, more than 15 million households own dogs. Some dog owners make homemade food for their pets. However, many dog owners choose commercial dog food such as dry kibble and canned wet feeds.

Commercial pet meals, from Top Dog Food Brands in India are strictly regulated and may suit your dog’s nutritional needs better than home-cooked food.

While trying to find the Best Dog Food Brands in India, However, one may easily become lost in a sea of dog food brands. Dogs are often fed dry kibble or wet food in cans. Although we may not find these processed meals to be tasty, dogs may get all the nutrients they require to keep healthy from them.

Best Dog Food in India of excellent quality is strictly controlled and has undergone stringent testing by veterinary professionals. What precisely are these dog snacks made of then? One of the finest things a pet owner can do to keep their dog healthy is to feed them high-quality, well-balanced food.

Your dog’s hair coat will remain smooth and glossy if you feed it well. His immune system will be strengthened by it. It will maintain the health of his digestive system. However, there are a seemingly limitless number of possibilities when picking dog food.

Your dog’s nutritional requirements should be met by the greatest dog food. Even while the majority of commercial dog food products are designed to provide at least the basic nutritional demands for dogs, it’s vital to keep in mind that no two dogs have precisely the same nutritional requirements.

Dogs require a variety of nutrients in various amounts throughout their lifespan. It is a good idea to give your young dog a puppy formula or an “all life stages” meal because a puppy’s nutritional demands differ from those of an adult dog. With the suggested quantity by weight and age, you can determine the differences in nutritional needs between pups and adults.

On the Internet, there are many misconceptions regarding dog nutrition and dog food. You can navigate it by adhering to one thing that you can keep in mind, always double-check your sources and make sure the information that you’re trusting is from a reliable source such as Augie.

Many well-intentioned people make assertions regarding dog nutrition without providing any supporting data. A healthy dose of skepticism is also beneficial. It’s usually true if something seems too wonderful to be true.

Important ingredients to look for in your dog’s food:

The type of food you feed your dog depends on the breed, and the age, and each individual dog has its own digestive needs and requirements.

This is why when looking for Best Dog Food in India for Labrador, you have to be skeptical and do significant research. A high-quality protein-rich meal with 18–22% protein is the optimal diet for Labradors. Nutrients may also be obtained in laboratories from fruits, vegetables, and cereals. However, for maximum health and lifespan, they require the proper combination of protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Any Best Dog Food Brands in India 2022 will tell you to make sure there is a visible source of protein in the components. The first three components should consist of meat-based foods. Additionally, check to see if it includes omega-3-rich fats from sources like salmon, canola, and flax oil. Avoid meals that are heavy in empty fillers like wheat and soy and excessive levels of preservatives.

Many dog owners unintentionally feed their pets too much or too little. Knowing your dog’s weight and how many calories to give it are important. You should also pay attention to how active your dog is. Dogs who are very active need a lot more calories than dogs who are more passive. You must take this action to stop both dog obesity and malnutrition.

Now that you’re a pet parent, it’s time to start considering the nutritional worth of the food you feed your dog. If a food is labeled as containing a single component, it must contain at least 95% of that ingredient, excluding water.

If a combination of ingredients is promoted, it must account for at least 95% of the dish. For example, if the cuisine claims to be composed entirely of beef, meat accounts for 95% of the food.

Phrases such as supper, platter, and entrée indicate that the dishes must include at least 25% of the specified element. If the label includes the phrase “with” a specific item (for example, “with cheese”), only 3% of the listed component is necessary.

A dog food label’s ingredient list will inform you what’s in the food. It contains information on the components and the supplier.

Trusting cheapest dog food in India might not be the right choice always, this is especially important if your dog has food allergies or unique nutritional requirements. Look at the ingredients list, for example, if you want to feed your dog protein from certain sources. However, it does not provide a good image of component quality.

In a lot of the Top 10 best dog food in India, the majority of fresh dog food is prepared rather than uncooked. Dogs can eat raw chicken, but unless the ingredient label expressly states “raw,” you should presume it’s prepared.

Dry or wet food?

The primary distinction between wet and dry food is the difference in water content. Wet food has a moisture percentage of 60 to 84%, whereas dry food has a moisture content of 3 to 12%. This large difference impacts food shelf life since dry food may be stored for considerably longer than wet food, which spoils faster.

Due to the high energy level, dog owners only need to use modest amounts of dry food to suit their dog’s demands and keep them satisfied. As a result, dry food is the less expensive alternative. Proponents also emphasize that buying in smaller amounts is a more ecologically friendly option because it requires less packaging.

While dry food benefits the owner primarily in terms of cost, cleanliness, and convenience, wet food benefits the dog as well. If given the option, most dogs would undoubtedly pick wet food since it is more powerful in scent and flavor and just tastes better to them.

The high-water content has a favorable effect: because the meal already provides the body with a substantial amount of liquid, wet food is simpler to satisfy a dog’s fluid requirements than dry food. As a result, moist food is especially recommended for dogs who do not drink much during the day.

How Augie can guide you?

From everything you’ve read till now, you probably know the right ingredients to look out for. Augie serves a range of Homemade grade of Pet foods called Caru Pet Products. The Caru company started off with a very touching story, and their cause is truly moving. All Caru dog food products that Augie sells on our website, are sustainably packed, and specifically designed to ensure your dog food is packed with all the right ingredients your dog needs to be healthy. All these products are 100% Human grade!

Here’s some fantastic news if you’re still not convinced that Caru stews taste, look, and smell like handmade cuisine!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found after reviewing extensive evidence that Caru Natural Stews for Dogs are manufactured entirely using components of the highest quality.

The FDA additionally agreed that these recipes are handled in compliance with FDA guidelines for human food processing and handling. This implies that we are the only company that provides ready-to-eat dog food produced in a facility suitable for handling human food and is composed entirely of human-grade ingredients.

All stews’ primary ingredients are premium cut meats as bad quality can lead to many complications in your pet’s health. Although it seems harmless, converted fat can include a variety of unsavory things. Animal waste tissue is transformed into “value-added” components during rendering.

The packaging is designed in such a way that it preserves flavor and freshness without using preservatives, BPA-free, pet-friendly packaging, is made from a renewable resource — paper — up to 70% of the time; comparatively, standard cans are 64% lighter., The absence of metal edges, and finally, they are also very convenient. Simple to use for traveling, serving, closing, and storing

Caru pet products are aimed at avoiding artificial colors, flavoring, and preservatives. BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin are the three primary offenders in the preservative category. They may potentially be carcinogenic and can trigger or worsen allergies.

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